ZGSA students volunteer to design a collage or logo every year or two. The main goal is to use the art work on merchandise that the association offers during its fund raisers for various activities. In some cases our talented zoologists/artists also produce pieces of art for special events. All that great work is summarized here!

Melina's logo, 1999 Melina's logo - 1999
Melina and Miranda's logo, 2001 Melina and Miranda's logo - 2001
Justin's logo, 2002 Justin's logo - 2002
Justin's logo, 2003 Justin's logo - 2004
Chelsea's logo, 2006 Chelsea's logo - 2006

Marla's Darwin Day 2007 Artwork
Marla's SIU Darwin Day Art work - 2007

SIU Darwin Day
Marla's logo, 2007

Marla's logo - 2007, coming soon.