ZGSA Projects

Student Lounge

student lounge

Graduate students should stop by room LSII-376A where we have created a lounge for students to relax, or have lunch and snacks. The Lounge is stocked with a couch, table and chairs, a refrigerator, a cofee maker, and a microwave. There is soda available for a low price, and the profits benefit ZGSA activities, mainly the seminar series.


The ZGSA has yearly t-shirt and/or sweat-shirt sales. Ocasionally mugs and beverage cozies in SIU colors with a zoology logo are available. For more information contact our fund raising-committee.

ZOOGRAD-L mailing list

This list is designed to foster communication between Zoology Graduate Students at SIU. It may be used to provide zoology-related announcements or requests or as a forum to discuss matters germane to zoology, the ZGSA, the Department, or the University. Only Zoology Graduate Students will be subscribed to this semi-confidential discussion list. To be added to or removed from the list send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.siu.edu with the text "subscribe zoograd-l" or "unsubscribe zoograd-l" in the body of the message.